Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Link Special #11

Here are this week's blog gleanings:

Writer's Digest offers One Simple Way to Sharpen Your Pitch. Elevator pitch, that is, not singing.

Tracy Jorgensen's vlog about Breaking Bottles is method writing at its best. Have a scene where someone smashes up a bottle for a weapon? Be sure to check this out.

Jessica at BookEnds has some simple but great advice: Forget Everyone Else.

Jami Gold asks: How Vulnerable Is Your Writing?

Agent Donald Maass has some great tips to add Fireworks to your writing.

Agent Mary Kole's post on Objective Correlative is a must read. We don't have to always spell out what our characters are feeling to show it. Here's a great way to show and conserve word real estate.

Patricia Wrede clarifies what kind of conflict is needed in a story and how this important element is often misinterpreted by writers in her post on Obstacles.

Riley Redgate's Picture This post is a thought provoker. No spoilers on my part. Just click through and see what I mean.

Agent Vickie Motter offers some guidance on fantasy genres with her post on Magic Realism. Heard the term New Adult but don't exactly know what it means? She's got a post on that too.

Writer Cherie posts on Research: It Can Be Fun If You Know Where To Look. Some great links in this one.

A.M. Supinger has a great guest post plug for the Agent Query Connect writing community over at Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire. Yes, I'm biased towards it too.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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