Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blogiversary Treasure Hunt! Part 1

Copyright Joyce Alton & Nicolle Raty
Okay, it’s Saturday. Have some time on your hands? Feel like playing a multi-blog interactive game to rack up points? If so, keep reading.
What’s at stake? The best and most valuable thing I can offer for a prize is a critique from me. If you’d like some constructive, no nonsense, honest feedback on the beginning of your novel, I’m willing to temporarily open my hiatus to provide some. So whoever racks up the most points by the end of the day will be declared the winner of a partial critique (1st three chapters or roughly 50 pgs.) and I’ll critique the first chapter of the second place winner (no more than 20 pgs.) Official winners will be announced next Tuesday, since I will go back and check everyone's track record to make sure everything's fair and square.

First, some ground rules:
1) Anyone may participate. You don’t have to have a blog, be part of any particular writing community, or even know me. I do ask that you be civil and only post things that can be read by general audiences.

2) No anonymous posting. If you don’t have an online presence, you can post your comments as anonymous but need to mention your name in the comments so we know who you are.

3) Pay close attention to the instructions that go with the points. If you don’t, you might not be earning the points you think you are. Some answers need to be posted in specific blogposts, others in the comments sections of this one. Stay sharp, treasure hunters!

4) You’ll post your overall point tally in the comments section of this blogpost. Please include a list of what you did and where, plus any required links for proof.

5) You don't have to do all of the activities listed below. Pick what you will and try to earn as many points as you can.

6) If you were a blogpost participant, you can't do any of these activities on your own blog.

There are two stages of the game. Here’s stage 1:

100 pts.: IF you were a participant in my Treasure Hunt Blogiversary Tag game. You get these automatically. Congrats! And a huge thank you.
30 pts.: Goes to the first person to respond to any of the participants’ writing prompts. (See participating blog links below.) Make sure you post your writing prompt answer in the comments of the blog which posed the teaser.
25 pts.: Pick a blogpost by any of the 7 participating blogs and either share a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. Be sure to mention if you did when you record your overall tally here. You can pick as many of their blogposts as you’d like to share but you can’t repeat the same blogpost or count it twice if you share it in more than one place.
15 pts.: For responding to a writing prompt on any of the 7 participating blogs (if you weren't first.) So you can rack up points if you do it for all of them. Make sure you post your writing prompt answer in the comments of the blog which posed the teaser.
15 pts.: Write a character description based on the 4 random things listed in any of the participating blogs in the comments section of that blog. Add an extra 5 points if that blog administrator comments back on your description!
5 pts.: Tell me in the comments section of this blog, when you tally your points, which of the 7 bloggers you’d tag along with if transported to a fantasy world, based on what they said they’d take with them.
5 pts.: Each of the 7 participants recommended at least 3 industry blogs. Check out those recommended blogs and share a link back in the comments section, of the person who recommended it, of one or more of the posts you read and liked from those blogs. You get 5 points for each link you share. (Only blogposts written this month apply.) Get an additional 10 points if you share why you loved that blogpost in at least two sentences.

For just today, rack up all the points you can! Don’t forget to share a record of your points collected in the comments of this post or they won’t count.

Be sure to return to Yesternight’s Voyage later today (around 6pm Mountain Daylight Time) for part 2 of the treasure hunt. Bigger points to be gained then!

Participating Blog Links:
In the Jungle (Riley Redgate)
It's In the Details (Michelle4Laughs)
Questions and Archetypes (J. W. Troemner)
A Storyteller's Musings (Peter Burton)
Verbose Veracity (E.F. Jace)
The Write Time (Dean C. Rich)
Yesternight’s Voyage (my answers)


  1. This might be a silly question, but the pick a blogpost to share option: we can only pick one right? Otherwise we'd just be spamming all the posts lol Not that I have a problem with that

  2. "A blogpost" as in one, yes. =) You can always do more, if you really want to. But the points only count once.

  3. As far as my blog goes... spam away, gang. Just let me know it's you so I don't accidentally delete it in the spam filter.

    Besides, it may piss the real spammers. };D

    Just put the link in the body of the text, and let me know it's you, I'll approve it.

    I won't be able to do the hunt regardless of how much I would love the prize, too much work to do, but that doesn't mean I can't help out the rest of you. Good luck!

  4. 100 pts. - original blog poster
    30 pts. (x5) first responder to prompts at Dean's Writing Time, Verbose Veracity, Yesternight's Voyage, Questions and Archetypes, and It's In The Details.
    15 pts. - responded to prompt at A Storyteller's Musings
    15 pts. (x6) - described characters from the four random objects at all the blogs ('cept mine!)
    5 bonus - Michelle commented back on my character.
    25 pts. - posted on Twitter about a couple of these posts.
    5 pts. - I would totally tag along with Peter - a katana and gunpowder, huh? Looks like he's got his s*** figured out XD


    390 points

    that's it for me! Gotta go see a friend's show, I'll be back for part 2 later :)

    (uh if you can't tell i would basically commit crimes to win access to your critting powers, clipper... <3)

  5. Posted a writing prompt on Peter’s blog: 30 pts

    Posted a character description on Dean’s blog: 15 pts.

    Shared Moonshades’ blog post on my blog: 25 pts.

    Posted a link to E.F. Jace’s blog on Facebook: free

    Posted a character description on Joy’s blog: 15 pts.

    Original blog poster: 100 pts.

    Since no one said chocolate, I’d tag along with Riley. Have to see her flying an airplane. 5 pts.

    That’s 190 points. Still hoping Dean will see the comment and leave me one, but I think that’s all I have time for today. Hunger Games was really good btw.