Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog Spotlights #26: Dragons, Aliens, and Wraiths, Oh My!

It's been a fantastic month for guest posts. I thank everyone who contributed to my blog and who gave me an opportunity to share on theirs. To wrap up the month, I'd like to spotlight the official blog of the Speculative Fiction Group from Agent Query Connect. If you've enjoyed the guest posts on Yesternight's Voyage this month, you'll want to bookmark Dragons, Aliens, and Wraiths, Oh My! for more great post by this remarkable group of writers. The blog is speculative fiction bent. You can sign up for their handy newsletter to get new blogposts in your email feed.

What I think I've enjoyed most about this blog is the range of experience and advice from people who come from all different walks of life and who write in different speculative genres. Some of the most recent posts include:

Murder for Fun and Profit (self-editing)
Writer's Troubles for the Holidays
Antagonists: Who, Why, and When
Action Sequences As Seen by T.J.

Plus more. Check it out.


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