Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tidbits and Reminders

Today is a housekeeping post.

For members of the Speculative Fiction Group on Agent Query Connect, this is the last week to submit your short story for our Anniversary Contest. Remember, it's a Halloween (or equivalent) theme. The top prize is a partial critique from an agent. Second prize is a collection of books published by fellow group members. Third prize (depending on the number of entries) is a partial critique from me. Details are in our forum.

National Novel writing month is eleven days away; are you ready? If not, you might like my post from last year regarding the Easiest Outline Ever. Instead of pounding out a first draft this year, I'm going to set goals to try to get through a second draft. The second book in my Trefury trilogy is coming along. We'll see how much I can get done by the end of November.

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Regarding My Book!
There's still time to enter to win a free copy of Trefury: Mendi's Curse on Goodreads. It's open to people living in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. The giveaway ends November 1st.

If you've marked Trefury: Mendi's Curse as want to read on Goodreads but are having a hard time locating a copy, that's because it's in the queue for distribution for places like Amazon. At the moment, you can get a copy directly from Lulu.com. I'll be sure to announce it when it becomes available elsewhere. Want to read a sample? There's a preview link under the cover picture of the book on Lulu.

After you've read Trefury: Mendi's Curse, try your memory with one of the three quizzes I've set up on Goodreads. You can also ask me questions on my profile page.

... And that's all I have for the writing side of my life. Be glad you're not seeing the housekeeping for everything else. ;) Have a great week everyone. Happy writing!

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