Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mid-month Update

2015 started like any other year, a fresh page. I had no idea how it would explode on me into the busiest year ever. I'm also calling it the year of surgeries because I've been through 2, my daughter 1, my sister 1, my mom 1 with another upcoming. I've been juggling my own household as well as taking care of my mom while she recuperates. My kids have reached the age bracket of doing more outside our home. We limit the number of extra-curriculars and I'm by no means the epitome of the soccer mom, but man, I had no idea how much time gets sucked up in even one extra activity, let alone three. My husband's gone from a part-time college student to a full-time in order to get done faster. Guess who helps him proofread his papers and who explains music theory to him? Yep, me. I also have other commitments both in the writing community and my local community. "I'm swamped!"

Not that I mean to sound like a wet blanket about all of that. I'm happiest doing things with and for my family. I'm involved with good things. But I have to wonder in the few private moments I get these days, if there's too many good things fighting for my attention and energy. How do I prioritize without letting people down? And where did I go in the midst of all this?

I've snatched brief bits of time to scribble down notes or bits of scenes while in waiting rooms. I brainstorm while doing two sets of household chores. But as to actual writing time ... *sigh* When the evening rolls around I'm too exhausted to even think straight. That frustrates me too.

It's all a learning experience, of course. I have limitations. And when you go for long periods of time without a substantial break, you get burned out easily. Vacations aren't even in my vocabulary. Me-time is a luxury other people get. I'm sure I'm in a crowded boat with all of the other busy people loaded with obligations and no time for themselves.

So what has this to do with writing updates? Book #2 in my Trefury trilogy is coming along, albeit at a snail's pace this summer. I'm mindful of those who are anxiously awaiting more of the story. I promise I'm lining up some really good stuff for you. I'm excited for how the revisions are going, how the characters are developing, and the criss-crossing plotlines are getting tighter. I know I'm anxious to get this one done so I can write the concluding book.

Book #1 will be released soon in paperback format, so be sure to watch for news here, on Goodreads, or on Twitter for new giveaways.

I have two other novels ready for revisions prior to beta readers also scratching at the back of my head. It's very hard to suppress the urge to work on them. I don't lack for material to work on or ideas. If only I could keep up! Lol.

If anyone has a magic bullet or some good practical ideas on how I can scrape together some surplus energy and time, I'm open to suggestions.