Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First November Ramblings, OR, Going Into High Gear and My Wheels are Burning Rubber

It's November!!!!

I'm psyched to get started.

It's hard to do the regular things I have to do first.

Good luck to everyone else who is NaNo-ing this year.

I'm hoping to have something for first beta readers to look at by the end of December.

Does anyone else's skin get all prickly and tingly just thinking about a glut of writing?

I'm binding the inner editor with duct tape, rope, and chains, sticking her in a dark closet and throwing away the key!

Have to remember to breathe.

I apologize in advance if blog posts are sporadic and crazy this month.

I swear I didn't eat any Halloween candy but I feel like I did:


  1. I need to focus on one project so I can work on it. lol

    1. You know, getting started is always the first hurdle for me. But once I'm actually in the motion of typing then it gets easier. What's your project about/what genre is it?