Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Link Special #1

I have some internet goodies to share which hopefully you will find as interesting, informative, and thought-provoking as I did.

Keeping a grip on current events and the good and bad events that happen in the world, I feel, are another arrow in a writer's quiver. I can't count how many times an article or true story has helped me out of a writing jam or spurred me on to new heights of creativity. This week I'd like to share a story of true heroism and larger-than-life qualities found in a young girl: 9 years old and a sister who's life is forever changed by an act of selflessness. Read, ponder, learn, and take what you will from it.

Then moving toward actual blogposts and articles regarding writing and publishing:
BookEnds has another great query critique dealing with why writers shouldn't send attachments and the problem with wasting query space explaining your query letter rather than getting right to it. In another post Agent Jessica Faust talks about proper use of copyrighted characters. Speaking of copyright, Bill Morris posts an interview in The Millions with artist/copyright attorney Alfred Steiner who not only showed how day jobs can influence creative endeavors but they talk at length about copyright protocol, laws, and their opinions on these.

When it comes to writing, author Dom Testa guests posts on the Guide To Literary Agents blog about other ways authors can promote their writing. Agent Mary Kole at the Kidlit blog gives some excellent advice about mimetic writing to create harmony between what is happening and what the writer is actually writing. Agent Stephanie DeVita at the Dystel and Goderich blog addresses the fear to submit one's work. Agent John Rudolph, also of Dystel and Goderich asks What Happened to Middle-Grade Fiction? Writer's Digest shares author Lawrence Block's take on teaching and learning how to write. WD contributor Sue Fliess shares a great story about turning rejection into something positive. And finally, guest blogger Mary Demuth on the Rants & Rambling Blog, lists seven ways to be professional as a writer.

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