I'm the oldest of six children and now the mother of three. I'm married to an amazing, extroverted man that I spend as much time with as possible. We're so close we often think the same things or get the same ideas at the same time. Maybe we'll acquire true telepathy someday--lol. I've moved around a lot, so I don't claim to be from anywhere in particular, although I have spent the last fourteen years in south-eastern Idaho and love it here. I am an introvert, which means I can be shy but I'm not always. I'm perfectly comfortable by myself, if circumstances allow. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or in well-known terms, a Mormon. Joyce R. Alton is my pen name, as I crave my privacy and that of my family. I also enjoy music, dance, cooking, gardening, good movies, and friendly verbal banter. I like to draw maps, create house plans, making up languages, and dabble in various art forms.

Writing Experience:
I write fantasy, science-fantasy, and historical fantasy. Most of my stories are crossovers from YA to adult, although I have a couple of MGs. I've written over twenty full-length manuscripts, two of which were co-written with other people. I didn't think seriously about publishing until 2009. My debut novel Trefury: Mendi's Curse came out in 2014 and is the first part in an epic science-fantasy trilogy.

I'm an avid reader with a soft spot for classic literature, a good MG or YA adventure, anything that will make me laugh out loud, give me the warm fuzzies by the end, or is beautifully written.

I'm the creator and administrator of the Speculative Fiction Group, formerly on Agent Query Connect and now in its new home at (started in 2009). I've had the privilege of beta reading for several other writers and I'm grateful for the opportunity to read their work and have some of them read mine. Reading and commenting on their work has made me a better writer. And I should note that even though I don't approve of certain story elements, that won't make me judge a manuscript I beta read based on them. I tend to be strictly professional and technical in my comments. Subjectivity never helped anyone when revising their work. I believe everyone has a right to choose their style and the elements they put into a novel.

I am a peculiar person, but I'm approachable and I like to make friends. I've enjoyed the association of many diverse people in many places. While I don't always agree on some things with others, I do respect their opinions and values and I hope they will respect mine. Life would be pretty boring if we were only surrounded by people who thought and acted like ourselves.