Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Link Special #5, Plus!

I think it was a slow blogging week all around. Not as many links to share this week but here's what I've got for you:

Agent Janet Reid passes on this bit of advice from Ira Glass for new writers. Agent Mary Kole wrote about Time Period Settings and the appropriate use of. Highly recommended post. Author C.C. Hunter shares 5 Pieces of Well-Meaning Writing Advice That I'm Glad I Didn't Take. 'Nuff said.

For those on the prowl for agents or who are compiling their agent research:

Literary Rambles spotlights agent Jennifer Jackson from the Donald Maass Literary Agency. She represents and is looking for: Commercial Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Crime, Thrillers / Suspense, Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Multicultural, and Young Adult.

Guide to Literary Agents has posted a spotlight on new agent, Kathleen Rushall of Waterside Productions. She's looking for: YA and MG fiction across the board (historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, humor, fantasy, romance, thriller, and horror), picture books, and adult nonfiction (business, parenting, how-to, women's interest, humor, health, crafts).

GLA also has an interview with agent Sandy Lu of the L. Perkins Agency. She represents and is looking for: In fiction, she is looking for dark literary and commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, paranormal/urban fantasy, historical fiction, and YA. In particular, she is looking for historical thrillers or mysteries set in Victorian times, and she has recently fallen in love with steampunk. Her nonfiction areas of interest include narrative nonfiction, history, biography, memoir, science, psychology, pop culture, and food writing. She also has a particular interest in Asian or Asian-American writing, both original and in translation, in both fiction and nonfiction. She does not represent: romance, high fantasy, children’s picture books, how-to/self-help, parenting, religion/spirituality, and sports.

And agent Weronika Janczuk of D4E0 Literary has put out a call for manuscripts! You can find out what she's looking for here.

On a more personal note, my friend Cherie from Ready. Write. Go.was passing around blogging awards and gave Yesternight's Voyage a mention. Thank you, Cherie!

The rules that go along with the award are as follows:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
2. Share seven random facts about myself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them. fulfill #2...
Random fact #1:
I'm not really from anywhere. My family moved constantly while I was growing up. And no, my dad wasn't in the military. Even as an adult, I've continued to move around and haven't put down roots anyplace special yet.

Random fact #2:
I get mushroom cravings. And not of the magic kind.

Random fact #3:
I can paper the walls of my office with the maps I've drawn for one made-up world. Mapmaking relaxes me and helps me work on writing without actually playing with words--unless I'm naming places.

Random fact #4:
I went to travel school and had a career as a tour wholesaler. Basically, I put together travel packages for travel agents to sell. The people in my office did all the deal searching, communication with suppliers, and made the actual bookings. Lots of research, hee hee.

Random fact #5:
I'm an old movie nut. Grew up on the likes of Cary Grant, Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire, Deanna Durbin, Audrey Hepburn, and many more. Many conversations in my family were half-comprised of bantering movie quotes.

Random fact #6:
I play two instruments and dabble in music composition. Love listening to music too.

Random fact #7:
The smell of coffee makes me nauseous and for several years I didn't like chocolate. How's that for bucking stereotypes? Oh, and I also don't have a dog or a cat.

*wipes hands* Well, that's done. Now to pass on the award/mention:

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Woot! Woot!

    It's so nice to learn more about you, Clipper. When I first started at AQC and stumbled upon then F/SF/YA group now Speculative Fiction, I wondered who was behind the massive sailing ship avatar. (Confession: I thought you were a dude, at first. So sorry, but that was before I knew you of course.) You have been this awesome, almost omniscient presence mothering us all wide-eyed noobs. ;)

    Thank you, for taking care of us, for showering us with useful nuggets of info, and for cheering us on when we stumble. <3

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  3. Hello Clippership,

    I agree with the comments of Cherie and thank you for your encouragement(s). Currently I have three links for free PDF eBooks on my blog. Two deal with the Query Letter (YA author Elana Johnson’s From the Query to the Call and Agent Noah Lukemans, How to Write a Great Query). The third eBook, Ask a Literary Agent (Year One) also by Mr. Lukeman is a recap of questions and answers from his Blog Ask a Literary Agent. The links are embedded in the book titles.

    Thank you for mentioning my Blog. I am humbled.

  4. Hi Clippership! Thanks so much for the award. :)

    I really enjoyed your random facts. I particularly think #3 - map making - is fantastic. I can see how it really is an art form in itself. And how fun it would be to work on a story this way. I'd love to try that sometime.