Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Link Special #2

More linkable goodies:

At, Laura Miller brings up the two-headed beast of being both an author and a marketer and how the two together are seldom found. Then over at Dystel &Goderich, agent Jessica Papin states her rebuttal. The long and short of it: writers have to evolve as marketers if they want to stay alive. Editor Alan Rinzler shares a great blogpost on using the social media platform of Twitter.

There are some extra good blogposts on revising to be found on Rants & Rambling and author Jessica Day George's blog. Agent Rachel Gardner breaks it down regarding what turns off fiction editors from a manuscript here, here, and here.

The Gatekeeper posts about checking in with agents and acceptable protocol. The Behler Blog gives a scathing run down on the differences between POD, digital, vanity, and indie publishing.

The 7 R's of Positivity for Unpublished Writers gives an uplift to the weekly collection. Which also includes this link to Christi Corbett's blog on creating a "You Don't Suck" file. Great idea!

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