Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Link Special #4

Hello and thank you to those who pop in to check on the blog. Sorry I forgo providing a bunch of useful links last week. I was out for medical reasons and am recuperating fine. I took some time to dive further into the world of Twitter to see what I could see, and learn what it was all about. I may share my conclusions at a later date. Had fun coming up with a new writing project to work on that channels my inner villain which ate up some of the long recuperation hours as well. But for now, here are this week's batch of goodies:

To kick things off, The Chronicle of Higher Education has a good leveler of a post on The 5 Myths About the "Information" Age. There's some good perspective in this one no matter what side of the debate you support or want to believe.

The Intern socks it to our inhibitions and inadequacies regarding our own writing compared to other people. All I can say, is thank you, Intern.

Jan O'Hara shares some insight into query letters through the process of selecting a good high school. Some good, solid advice to be read.

In the middle of Synopsis Hell? Agent Jim McCarthy dives right in and lays out what needs to go into one and what you can leave out. The leaving out part had me silently exhaling in relief.

In regards to writing craft:
Cherie Tucker tackles pronoun usage over at Author Magazine. Toni McGee Causey discusses The Art and Soul of POV at Murder She Writes. Fellow AQCer Cherie posts a good case for rule breaking On Dialogue and Comma Splices at Ready. Write. Go. And the Intern shows the Top Ten Reasons You Should Rewrite That Scene.

And if you write dystopian, steampunk, fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal, or cozy mysteries you might want to pop over to look at GLA's agent advice post from Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management, to see if she might be a good fit for your query list.

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  1. I feel like a celebrity now haha! Thanks for the shout-out. Sorry to hear about your health. I pray that you may recuperate swiftly. Thanks for the links--I love perusing them over the weekend. You always have helpful information that I can use. Have a good weekend, Joyce!