Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Spotlight #8: Dave Farland

Okay, well this week's recommended site isn't exactly a blog. For writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy especially, if you haven't discovered Dave Farland's newsletters, you're missing out. You can find Dave's website here and from there you can sign up to receive his newsletter straight to your inbox. Create a member account and opt in to receive the newsletter. He posts almost daily. He also has a writing forum, conference calls with big authors, and teaches at workshops and conferences. He's experienced in movie rights and even making films from stories, marketing, traditional and self-publishing, and has a no-nonsense approach to writing and publishing. He taught creative writing for years at the university level and rubs shoulders with a lot of big names in the business. He's a big name, himself.

Not that you have to take every word as strict rule or writing doctrine. Dave certainly has his own opinions about some things. But I've found his newsletters extremely helpful. The best part is they're free. You don't have to flesh out hundreds of dollars for this kind of advice, advice usually found in the classroom, a workshop, or a conference.

So if you're looking for some tips on craft, and a good dose on the publishing world, you should give Dave Farland a try.

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