Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Link Special #10

I did start collecting great links for you all last week but ran out of time to put them together. So...I'm compiling two weeks worth of links and again apologize for not having time to read through all of the blogs I normally do. I'm sure I've missed some great stuff. For what it's worth, and if you have some time for perusal, here we go.

Agent alerts for those who are querying:
GLA has an agent interview with Deirdre Knight of The Knight Agency. She's looking for: "romance, nonfiction, literary fiction, young adult and middle grade lists with debut or established authors."

Bookends has a new agent, Lauren Roth and she's looking for: Literary fiction, romance (all subgenres), women's fiction, chick-lit, YA, MG, mystery, SF & fantasy, historical fiction, and steampunk.

Literary Rambles has a spotlight on Mandy Hubbard of D4E0 Literary. She's looking for: MG and YA in all genres.
And L.R. has a spotlight on Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency. She's looking for: "Science Fiction, Mystery, Commercial Fiction, Fantasy, Women's Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Thrillers/Suspense, Erotica."

On the topicsof writing:
Writer's Digest shares 4 Ways to Make Every Word Count and 8 Ways to Write Better Characters.
Adventures in Children's Publishing has a post on Building a Better Novel Premise.
Write it Sideways: How Cliched is Your Writing? Take the Test
In the Jungle confronts trends as she discusses Fashionable Writing.
On a similar note (and if you still care after reading the link right before this), there's a post by Karen McCoy: YA Books in Libraries--What's Popular? Some interesting facts and figures in this one.
Agent Kristin points out the most Groan Worthy openings to novels. Nathan Bransford also blogs about Five Openings to Avoid and why. And if you need some more examples pop on over to where she dissects the openings of volunteer submissions in a series of workshops.
Jessica from Bookends brings up the subject of Word Count in an Epub World.
Patricia Wrede blogs about the difference between Surprise and Suspense in a novel and the problems that go with Rewriting the Past.

When it comes to critiquing: (Which is a topic close to me right now--Go Posting Marathon!!)
Sarah LaPolla posts about The Beta & Omega (all things beta reader.) And she also posts What I Talk About When I Talk About Revisions, her process when requesting manuscripts for possible representation.
Courtney Miller-Callihan reveals not only what kind of editing/non-editing agent she is but also the different kinds of editors that see an accepted novel through the publishing process: On Criticsm and Critiques. But Mostly Editing.

If you suffer from writing discouragment and need a picker-upper:
T.K. Richardson writes about Why We (Don't) Quit Writing.
Jane Friedman blogs about 5 Things More Important Than Talent.

And if you are bored, have time on your hands, or want to procrastinate yet feel like you're doing something writing related, you'll find more linkage here.

Have a great weekend!

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