Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Questions For You

Thanks again to those who follow, read, or have checked out this blog. I appreciate the time you decide to spend on me with all the other blog choices out there.

I was wondering if you all might help me out by answering a few survey questions. I'm compiling some information for a small research project, and I'll be sharing the results at a later date. This survey is one part of that project. I did throw in a couple of fun questions just because. Please put your responses into the comments section. You can answer all, some, or just one question. No strings attached. Thanks in advance!

1. Please share five blogs links you regularly go to for industry or writing information or posts.

2. Which two (published) authors' websites or blogs do you think are the most fun to read, interact with, or pull up at least once a week or more?

3. What is the one thing about trying to get an agent or publisher that frustrates you the most?

4. Do you ever feel alone even though you might participate a lot online?

5. What brings you the most joy when you write?

6. Are you a book hoarder? Meaning do you buy books before you've read them and build up huge to-be-read piles? Or do you wish you could afford to be but can't?

7. What was the first thing that you became disillusioned about when seeking publication or feedback on your manuscript from other writers?

8. If you could have a say as to what the next hot trend is, what would it be? (And you can't use your own manuscript here!)

9. If you could describe your genre as a color, what is the genre and what is the color?

10. What is your worst fear regarding publishing?

11. Why do you usually check out or follow a new blog? (Please pick only pick one--whichever is the main reason for most blogs you follow or look at.) a) It's holding a contest  b) They're interviewing someone you're interested in  c) It's a writing or industry resource  d) You've heard good things about it from others you trust  d) Everyone else is following it and you don't want to be left behind  e) You know the person who runs the blog

12. If you write SF/F what would you say is the hardest part about writing a query letter?


  1. Wow! So many questions. I’ll try.

    1. You probably have all these, but here goes.
    1 Query Shark
    2. Bookends
    3. Navigating the Slush Pile
    4. Nathan Bransford former agent
    5. Pub Rants

    2. I don’t use published author web sites much. I’ve tried Brandon Sanderson.

    3. That agents get so many queries, good and bad, they don’t have time to read sample pages before they say no. They judge the story only from the query letter.

    4. Feel alone? All the damn time. The lack of validation from professionals makes me doubt my writing.

    5. Coming up with a new idea for a chapter. Surprising readers.

    6. Can’t afford to horde. I do own lots of books but now buy e-books more often.

    7. I’ve had great luck with feedback from other writers. I don’t like when people give you nothing constructive and only say how much they like it. Zero feedback so far from publishers only form letters.

    8. Hot trend? I’ve always loved epic fantasy. Another series like WOT by Robert Jordan that’s long, involved, and incredibly character detailed. Sorry, but I'm sick of paranormal.

    9. My genre is epic. Blue maybe. Sweeping like the sky.

    10. Worst fear is I’ll get no requests because there are too few agents for adult fantasy.

    11. Usually it’s been e on this one recently.

    12. Trying to make it stand apart if you don’t use the popular sarcastic YA voice in your ms. I think agents are only looking for a certain style and my style is out of favor.

  2. 1. Bookends, Rachel Gardner, Evil Editor, JM Tohline, and Dean Wesley Smith.

    2. Harlan Ellison, Dean Koontz.

    3. The one thing that frustrates me the most is trying to get out of the slush pile.

    4. Nope. Can't say that I do. Besides, my wife is always with me to either pat my back, or kick my tailbone as necessary.

    5. Hitting a groove where the story flows so easily I have a hard time keeping up on the keyboard.

    6. Yes, and no. I usually don't have a to-be-read pile, as I read them ASAP. But I do horde my books, and often re-read them. To me reading a book once is like eating only one steak in a lifetime... So, I go back for seconds.

    7. I can't really answer this one. So far I've had some very useful feedback from fellow writers. It's made for more work, but that's what I do anyway, so why be disillusioned?

    8. If I had my say there would be two hot trends. Fantasy, and Sci Fi.

    9. Fantasy/royal purple (or Sci Fi/metallic gold)

    10. My worse fear about publishing? That if I do make it I'll choke and the story well will dry up. (Never did want to be a one hit wonder.)

    11. I'd have to say: D

    12. Condensing all the intricate plot work you did to a couple of short paragraphs. B-r-u-t-a-l!

    Well, there ya go, Clipper... hope it helps.


  3. Thanks Michelle and Peter. It's a start. =)

  4. Hi clipper! This is Carla Rehse, for some reason google won't allow me to log in.

    1. Pub Rants, QueryShark, Book Ends, Nathan Bransford, and Confessions from Suite 500.

    2. I guess Bransford is considered an author website now as he has quit the agent biz. I like his humor and all the good "insider" info he shares.

    3. The wait. Also, vague rejections about not "connecting" to the story.

    4. Nope

    5. I love it when I turn the nagging voice in my head to a scene on the computer, and everything clicks in place.

    6. I read very fast and usually have 2 or 3 books going at a time.

    7. How really difficult it is to get an gent. And then, to find a publisher.

    8. Sci-fi and fantasy

    9. Hmm. YA. My first book is dystopian and my current WIP is urban fantasy/sci-fi. Maybe hot pink with splashes and swirls of black?

    10. My fear is to finally snag an agent, but then not find a publisher willing to take a chance on me.

    11. b & c

    12. Condensing my world to fit into a 250 word query while still making the book make sense. Queries are so frustrating!