Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blog Spotlight #17: Miss Snark’s First Victim

Not to be confused with the notorious Miss Snark herself, this writer was the first person up for analysis on Miss Snark’s blog. Going by the nom de plum Authoress, if you aren’t aware of this blog and are on the prowl for an agent, you need to add this one to your regularly read blog list.

Authoress opens the door between aspiring authors and agents with contests and critiquing opportunities. She also blogs about writing and has a fun blog voice. There are even success stories to be found by writers who found their agents directly or indirectly through Authoress’s blog. She also won the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers award.

Secret Agent contests are almost every month with different genres represented. Details can be found here. The list of agents who have participated in the past is quite impressive. She’s gearing up for another Baker’s Dozen critique-a-thon. But really, you should just pop on over to her blog to explore and find out all the delicious details from the source.

Highly recommended blog.

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  1. Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse for us! Alas, I have an agent...just no editor. Yet!