Thursday, December 8, 2011


After Tuesday's post on blog sifting I feel ready to throw this your way. Muhahaha!!!

For those of you who want to know what one is, who are struggling to compose one, or who may need any other help with one, here is an updated list of links and references:

Definitions: 1. a brief or condensed statement giving a general view of some subject.
2. a compendium of heads or short paragraphs giving a view of the whole.
3. a brief summary of the plot of a novel, motion picture, play, etc. a condensed statement or outline (as of a narrative or treatise.)
Helpful links:
A Few Winning Synopses (examples) (Charlotte Dillon)
Synopsis Worksheet & Synopsis Tips (Linda Needham)
Writing a Novel Synopsis (Fiction Writers)
How I Write A Fiction Synopsis (Diana Peterfreund)
How-To Write a Synopsis (Rebecca Sinclair)
The Synopsis (Stella Cameron)
How to Write a Synopsis (Writing World)
Writing a Synopsis (J. Lea Lopez)
How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel (How to Write a Book Now)
How to Write a Synopsis (Nathan Bransford)
How to Write a Synopsis (Fiction Writer's Mentor)
Synopsispalooza, Part XVIII: the story's not just about that melancholy Dane, is it? (multiple POV stories boiled down into a synopsis with extra links to other synopsis posts) (Author! Author!: Anne Mini's Blog)
Of course, these are a drop in the bucket to the plethora (and I do mean plethora in the correct sense) of articles and blog posts out there on the subject. Do a search on any search engine and you'll soon see what I mean. And as I pointed out on Tuesday's post, you will come across conflicting advice. So look for the places where many opinions and voices agree. It's a good rule of thumb.
If you have a favorite synopsis reference link you'd like to share, please do.


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  2. Wow. You've done a lot of work for this one. Great links. I'll have to some work from these links. Thanks, again.