Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Spotlight #19: The Writer’s Resource

Today I’d like to point you in the direction of another blog, The Writer’s Resource created by Charissa Weaks.

To directly quote from the blog: “The Writer's Resource is a site that lists helpful blog posts and web articles by topic in an effort to make the writing process a little easier. The goal of this site is to lessen the amount of time aspiring authors spend searching for information therefore increasing the amount of time they have to actually write.”

This blog is a fantastic resource if you’re trying to surf the internet for a specific writing topic or are new to the publishing game and are trying to make sense of it all. It takes time to track down and share good resource links and I’d like to tell Ms. Weaks “thank you” for all her hard work.

Take some time to check her blog out and search around. She also has a nifty submissions page if you’ve written an informative post and would like to share. Another page has a listing of conferences and another direct links to other informative and good blogs that serve as a writing resource.

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  1. Wow! Just found this! Thanks so much for the post!!!!