Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blogiversary Treasure Hunt! Part 2

I hope you've had fun with Part 1. You can still rack up points by doing any or all of the activities. Part 2 is time sensitive and you'll really need to examine those 7 participating blog posts to hunt out the answers.

*Note: If you were a blogpost participant, you may not answer any question in regards to your own blogpost but you may answer the questions regarding the blogposts of others.

Copyright Joyce Alton & Nicolle Raty
Are. You. Ready?

Post your answers in the comment section of this blogpost.
Make sure any points you earn tonight go into your overall tally posted in the comments of Part 1.

Question #1, for 25 points:
There were three movies listed at least three times within those 7 blog tag posts. Name one.

Once they've all been named, the question closes. Please don't list more than one. Points go to the first people who name one.

Question #2 , for 35 points:
Go to the blogpost of the person who has a MC named Charlotte. Tell me five things about her. (One per person. The first five different attributes can claim the points).

Question #3, for 35 points:
Go to the blogpost that says their favorite movies are: The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, District 9, and Ella Enchanted.
a) What is the spotlighted MCs main conflict?
b) What is the MC's name?
c) Where is the MC at?
(One answer per person. First ones to name an answer get the points.)

Question #4, for 35 points:
Find the blogpost who's favorite authors begin with the letters: R, A, K, A, O, S, G, and J.
Create an acronym out of those letters and tell us what it means! (Post in the comments of this blogpost.) No limit to the number of people who can win points.
In the MC spotlight tell me what the protagonist is seeking and what it is called. (First person to do so gets the points).

Question #5, for 35 points:
Find the blogpost with Drostangea in it.
In the MC spotlight tell me:
a) What event forces the protagonist into a new existence? (First person to answer can claim the points.)
b) Name one of the three attributes that describe the people the protagonist ends up living with. (One attribute per person. First mention of any attribute gets the points.)

For an additional 10 points, there is a challenge at the end of this MC spotlight. Make your guesses here in the comments.

Question #6, for 35 points:
Go to the blogpost of the person who likes the T.V. show of Avatar, The Last Airbender, but who hates the movie version.
In their MC spotlight and tell me:
a) What event changes the path the protagonist is on? (First person to answer can claim the points.)
b) Name three characteristics of the protagonist. (One attribute per person. First three different attributes mentioned can claim the points.

Question #7, for 35 points:
Find the blogpost of the person who'd take a brush and contact lenses with them to a fantasy world.
In their MC spotlight tell me what is wrong with the protagonist's world. (The first person with a complete, correct answer, claims the points.)

Question #8, for 35 points:
Go the blogpost with the word Ceritha in it.
In the MC spotlight, tell me:
a) What special capability does the protagonist have? (First person to answer gets the points.)
b) Name two big problems the protagonist must deal with. (One answer per person. First two answers may claim the points.)

Question #9, for 25 points: (If you were a blogpost participant, you can't answer this one.)
All of these blogposts, except mine, list some industry links that they recommend. There is one link that is on every single one of those blogposts--what is it? (First one with the answer may claim the points.)

#10--Challenge, for 200 points:
(The first person to solve the puzzle and find the answer gets the points!)
a) In the fourth I am first.
b) In the last I am the second of the sixth answer.
c) In the third I am in the fourth answer. Number three of the third part and the key to the entire challenge answer.
d) The next two bits are found in the second. Take the first and last from the beginning and the fourth from the ending.
e) Search the first. Within the second answer there are _____ mistakes. I rhyme with that answer. Don't guess or your answer may be false.
f) The first part of me is found: 6-1, 6-5, 6-3, 5-11, 5-6, 1-7, 5-3, 5-2
Put us together and see what you've found.

Participating Blogposts:
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  1. Question 1 I counted District 9 at least three times. Also Lord of the Rings.

  2. 1) The last movie is Megamind!

    2) 80% of Charlotte's body was scarred by POW torture. Yeow.

    3) a) The ex-military MC has a torturous inner conflict between his own xenophobia and a plea from help from the very enemy commander who annihilated his squad.

    4) Acronym -
    part b) Duncan is trying to find Silverflame, the sword that can break his usurping uncle's immortality.

    5) a. When MC's benefactors' outbuildings get set on fire, the blame falls to her.
    b. Her new acquaintances are freakish!
    c. Heh... her body is changing because she ... is allergic to magic and it's mutating her?!

    6) hehe
    a. Nima's parents get stopped at the border, while she and her brother must go on.
    b. Nima has no sense of humor. (yep, that's my favorite one. XD)

    7) A nearby star's supernova destroyed all Earth's ozone, leaving the remaining inhabitants to wither in the sun's unfiltered radiation.

    8) a. She has the ability to find a super-weapon.
    b. The super-weapon is alive. And it has plans of its own. (do those count as separate ones? o_O)

    9) AQC!!!! <3

    10) oh god... i'll be back