Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blog Spotlights #21: The Book Deal

Today I'd like to steer you all to another great blog to follow, The Book Deal by Alan Rinzler. A veteran of the industry in both editing and publishing, he takes the time to continue to help writers achieve their dream through his blog. He says: "The Book Deal is my blog for writers and book people, about the strange and inscrutable way books are published and the big changes going on in the business today. Look here for my perspectives on the challenges and opportunities writers face in the world of digital and print book publishing, the mysterious process of acquisition, development, sales, and marketing, and how agents and publishers conspire and compete behind the scenes to find the best new authors."

Some of his most recent posts include:

Launching a successful blog tour
Book marketing & publicity: Advice from three experts
The Viagra Diaries: A self-publishing mega success story
Creating a compelling narrative voice
Growing a short story into a novel
Why writers need agents: 4 pros weigh in
As the editor: Is it OK to cross genres?
The new author pitch: Show, don't sell
Grand finales: Tips for writing great endings
Fear of editors
When do you need an editor?
Great book jackets: Tips from 4 design pros

And so many more. If you have some time today, have industry questions, or need some inspiration might I suggest you pop over and comb through his posts.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back, Joyce. Thanks for the spotlight.