Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Contests, Agents, and Links

Good morning, everyone! I thought the blog was well overdue for some helpful links, so here we go.

New agents to check out via GLA New Agent Alerts:
Kathleen Zakhar of Harold Ober Associates
She's looking for: "Kathleen loves all things YA and is also actively looking for adult science fiction, fantasy in all its varieties, historical fiction, and horror novels. She enjoys quirky middle grade tales with captivating adventures and original voices, and will also accept picture books. Kathleen has a special place in her heart for sweeping love stories, magical realism, inventive world-building, repurposed folklore, dark comedy, and genre-bending novels."

Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis
She's looking for: "picture books, middle grade, young adult and new adult projects and is currently building her list. She is a fan of new adult and young adult novels with a romantic angle, and strong, quirky protagonists. In young and new adult, Christa is especially interested in contemporary fiction, horror and thrillers/mysteries. She’d also like to see any steampunk and fantasy (urban and high), that pushes the boundaries of what’s currently on the shelves, perhaps a new take on these genres that has yet to be seen. As for middle grade, Christa enjoys humorous contemporary, adventure and magical realism for boys and girls. For picture books, she’s drawn to cute, character driven stories..."

If agent Jill Corcoran is on your query list, you need to send in your query before the first of May. She will stop accepting unsolicited queries at that point. To quote: "Starting May 1, 2013 I will only accept queries from authors I meet at conferences, A PATH TO PUBLISHING participants and referrals."

Query Kombat, beginning May 13th in which participants submit their query letter and first 250 words of their manuscript for a duel-style tournament. Literary agents will be involved. A great opportunity to see if your query and opening are up to par and maybe get an agent's interest. For details go to SC Write, It's in the Details, or Writer's Outworld.

And if that's not enough excitement, you can also submit your pitch and first 250 words of your manuscript for some mentoring and a chance to catch the attention of the participating agents for the May Pitch +250 Contest over at Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing. They are taking submissions on April 28th until they reach 100 submissions. The window is narrow, so be sure to look through the contest details.

Other Great Links:
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