Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mid-Year Resolutions

Everyone makes up resolutions in January. Here we are halfway through the year and it's time for me to refocus. Feel like joining me? Great! Share a link with your mid-year resolution post.

1 - For every query rejection I get, I'm going to go out and do something good for someone else, turning a negative into a positive. It's easy to look at a rejection and fall into self-doubt and depression. The cure for that self-centered way of thinking is to help someone else instead.

2 - I'm going to get the 2nd draft done on my next book before the end of December. That sounds like a long time, but I have limited time to write each day and a lot of research to do.

3 - Save up enough money to go to a conference. My artist pal, Nicolle Raty, wants me to go with her to the SCBWI conference in New York City (yikes!) next February. Along with trying to scoop together the funds, I'll need to amass some serious courage. I don't like cities and interacting with people in large crowds intimidates me.

4 - Read around 30 more books before the end of the year. On Goodreads I challenged myself to read 40 books. I'm behind. I admit, I haven't felt excited to read in awhile. Nothing's catching my interest and holding it. I think my YA trend has withered up and I don't like romance other than the sweet variety. So ... maybe I'll go back to classics for awhile. Unless any of you have some stellar recommendations that don't include what I mentioned above.

I'd better not push it with more resolutions. It's never a good idea to overdo. Make each day worthwhile by pushing yourself to learn something new, go beyond what others' expect in a good way, and accept that your best each day may not be perfect or as much as you wanted.

Have a great and productive week, everyone!


  1. OOhhh number 1 is such a good idea. Number 4 is something I WANT to do... I'm struggling with like 5 books at a time right now so I don't know :( I just need a full day to read or something.

    1. AND READ THE CASUAL VACANCY! If you like dark, grim, realistic novels with awesome and real characters (but I loved it so much). I'm reading A FAREWELL TO ARMS right now and I kind of love it.

  2. I like number one as well. A really nice way to negate the negative. :) Good luck!

  3. These are great and a good way to beat the query blues. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    I think with Query Kombat and query critiques I've met number one. I'm not getting anywhere with my WIP, no motivation to write. I'd be too afraid to do number 3. Number 4 is well on the way.

    Now to meet some of my own resolutions.