Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music to Write By #2: The Different World by Peter Schilling

Okay, this one dates me a bit, but that's okay. What I love about a lot of 80s - early 90s music is the ambiguity of the lyrics. They give you a general feeling of what the artist wants you to feel without being blatantly open about exact meaning. The music of "The Different Story" (1989), I think, is classic. This song sets a somewhat ominous yet hopeful tone. Good for world-building, pivotal emotional scenes, or a motivator to remember that conflict is necessary for characters to grow. A story shouldn't be all roses and cake. A writer who pampers their characters doesn't have much of a story to tell.

And, if anything, it's kind of fun to watch the music video. I'd never seen it until recently and I think it captures the tone of the song very well. On the fantasy-esque side, it has a romantic vibe as well.

Performed by German singer Peter Schilling in his third English album, this song also known as "A World of Lust and Crime," here is "The Different Story":


  1. Ohh I love listening to music when writing, usually to get me in the right atmosphere. This song is great too :D

  2. Thanks for administering I've been analytic for something just like this.