Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recaps on Writing

I hope you're all well and enjoying your writing journeys. I had some unexpected, and some overwhelming yet fantastic things hit me this week, so I'm posting a list of recaps on previous writing blogposts. And my question for you this week is: What is your favorite type of character to read about? Do you have a preference for male or female? What type of personality makes you smile and perk up as you read? Or does a character's looks strike a chord with you? A particular occupation or goal? A quirk? Think about it and then share in the comments.

Your Story, Your Spin
A post on voice.

Manuscript Disease Top 10 Symptoms
Some guidelines to help you see if you're done revising or if you have more to do.

Receiving Manuscript Feedback

Adjectives, Adverbs, and Sneaky Profanity
Are you guilty of this faux pas?

The Posting/Critiquing Marathon Part 1: What I've Learned So Far
Those painful beginning chapters.

Obese and Anorexic Novels
Why story should be a key factor in regards to word count.

Opposition is a Good Thing

The Posting/Critiquing Marathon Part 2: In Conclusion, What I've Learned
Those underworked middle chapters.

Over-Editing and Self-Esteem
For compulsive perfectionists.

Cutting Down Character Count or How to Amputate 101

Don't Spend So Much Time Polishing Your Beginning ...

World-building: Think Big, Be Creative, Have Fun!

We Are Onions Not Turnips
A few words on characters.

Enticing Your Readers

What Is Talent?

Fulfilling Your Promises to the Reader
The problem with book series.


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