Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Music to Write by #7: Valentine's Edition

I really don't focus much on Valentine's Day anymore. My husband and I are pretty good at keeping romance alive every day, so we don't need the reminder. However, romance is huge in the reading/writing world. Chances are good we writers will be thinking a bit about the romantical side of things this week, so here are two music samplings, one positive, one negative.

Bad relationships are prime writing fodder. This song has a story all its own, open to some interpretation. It's a good mood setter, or helpful for brainstorming. Ace of Base: Cruel Summer, "He Decides":

This next one focuses on the excitement of new love, channeling youthful exuberance and electricity. This is another good mood setter or music to brainstorm to. Selena Gomez and the Scene: A Year Without Rain, "Off the Chain":

Have a favorite positive or negative romance song? Share in the comments.

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