Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trefury: The Other Side of the Story

By now you've probably read the official story summary of my book, Trefury: Mendi's Curse, but what many of you don't know is that that summary only spells out one side of the story. There is another big storyline going on and there are other character threads which are woven into both sides.

May I introduce you to three of those other main characters?

1 - Ientadur
He's a young adult with a heavily-monitored medical condition who just wants to marry his childhood sweetheart and become independent. But his parents don't approve and are doing everything they can to prevent him from marrying. Then Ien's old history teacher gets in contact with him and reveals that everything he's been told is one big lie and that Ien has a genetic legacy that will allow him to save the lives of thousands of people as a war with another country threatens his home. Life will never be the same again. He is separated from the one he loves, estranged from his family, and hunted by the most powerful and dangerous group on the planet. Ien must grow up, become pro-active, and face obstacles and decisions that could tear him apart. If he does, everyone else needs to watch out. The legacy of the half-murlynn is nothing to be trifled with.

2 - Sabriel
Everyone's heard of the damsel or princess in distress, well this time the one in distress is a man. Sabriel has just graduated from university, ready to take on a career as a composer. He's handsome, young, and independent. But then he's kidnapped twice, nearly dies in transit, stuck in a life-support chair, and people are trying to kill him. He can't catch a break. Well, except one. He's got a girl with a powerful weapon who has stepped up as his bodyguard. Maybe together they can piece the clues to find out why someone's after him and more importantly, who. If the bad guys don't get to him first.

3 - Damon
Haunted by his wife's mysterious death, Damon is a single-parent determined to make a decent life for himself and his daughter. But then his life starts unraveling. Financial accounts are closing without his permission, his job is being taken from him, and both friends and strangers are bringing up his wife's name. On top of that, his daughter has become a target as her anonymous involvement in a drug sting is leaked. When she goes missing, things get really surreal. Damon is soon forced to leave his world for another, forced to rely on strangers to track his daughter's whereabouts. It's hard to know who to believe and who to trust. Lies unravel and new lies are formed. For Damon, only one thing is clear, he's got to do whatever it takes to get his daughter back and find out the truth about his wife's death.

Hee hee, and now you're probably wondering why these aren't separate books and how in the world they fit in with the main storyline. Trust me, they all come together and are interwoven. I take a lot of pleasure in working with complex storylines, but I won't lie, it isn't easy or quick to do. Trefury has been a massive undertaking, I mean years of development and revision. And this book is only the first part of the story. There is more to come. I hope you enjoy it.

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