Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Break, Reason, and Spreading My Wings

I know the blog has been silent for awhile. I apologize. I've been wrapped up in helping my mom buy a house, go through renovations, and then the actual moving. We're nearly done. Sometimes life calls and you're happy to answer, even if it means dropping other obligations.

Which brings me to announce that I will be taking a few months sabbatical from writing. Blog posting will be sporadic, but the posts I mean to write will hopefully be very useful for my readers. I am engrossed in learning right now and am excited to share some of the concepts I've picked up. I am also taking time to work on other talents, which for me, means a more enriching environment and set of experiences to draw upon when I pick up my writing again. Since I have the freedom of not being under a publisher's contract, I can take the time to rejuvenate and then finish writing the best book I can, based on my ever growing capabilities. I know this announcement will be disappointing to some, but please know, I won't be able to write well unless I take this break. Writing has been a primary focus for the past decade, often getting in the way of other pursuits and obligations. Now that book one is done and out, it's time to get realigned and in better balance.

I personally believe the usual publishing model is skewed wrong, based entirely upon the impatience of the consumer, rather than for the benefit of the writer. Writer's aren't given time to rejuvenate. If they try to they are dropped or forgotten. I suppose I'll be dropped and forgotten in the next few months. I'm okay with that. Better to be left behind by the crowd in order to do something better than continue along with the crowd and suffer constant fatigue.

In my long journey as I've studied and sought publication, I've come to learn that my initial instincts were correct, and while I don't regret having diverted so much energy into pursuing the norm because it taught me a lot, I probably would have published sooner and with less stress if I'd listened to that instinct. No one should assume that my decision to self-publish is a sign of failure or second choice, I voluntarily quit the process. I am very happy with where I ended up. I have never wanted many of the things that come with a traditional contract, even when I tried to convince myself that I did, because that's what the industry was saying I had to want. I was a sheep, and I apologize if I ever made any of you feel like you had to be a sheep as well. Choosing which side of the publishing spectrum you want to be on is an individual thing. What is right for one person is completely wrong for another. I've learned that now. It took ten years of butting my head against a figurative concrete wall to realize what an idiot I had been.

So the break begins now. You can still contact me via email or in my writing group. I won't be on Facebook or Twitter as much. I wish you all the best in your writing and publishing endeavors. Thank you for the companionship on the last ten years of the road.