Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Update for August

Summer is winding up and I'm trying to catch my breath. My mom's last surgery went well and I spent a couple of weeks with her. When I had down time, I was working hard on Trefury: The Secrets of Callorin.

Writing complex novels with multiple POVs and storylines is no easy task. I find it very rewarding when those lines intersect or connect. It's how I get my kicks I suppose. But it takes time, lots of brain power, lots of do-overs and back tracking in order to write the best possible story and to make sure the right characters are telling it. When I pull out my original draft of this trilogy of books there are very few things that have stayed consistent. Little did I imagine then how this story would evolve and become so engrossing.

I remember when an up-and-coming author of big, epic fantasy put out his first book. His publisher gave him a two year deadline, I believe, to write the next book in the series. The deadline came and went. His growing concourses of fans grew impatient, salivating for the next installment. He'd set the bar pretty high for himself with the first novel. More time passed. Fans grew even more impatient. I remember jumping on a reading forum and coming to his defense, not so much because I was a devoted fan, but because I understood the writing process better than most readers do. When you write a series, each book has to be better and stronger than the last one. And if you're writing things on an epic scale, you can just dash through it and send it off to a publisher. This author clearly needed more time because he was trying to make a stronger second novel.

When you think on other book series, how many of them have eventually grown to be a disappointment because the author didn't take time to exceed the novel(s) before? I think readers are too impatient in this day of instant gratification, and too quick to judge when they get what they demand on their timetable but it doesn't meet their expectations. Writing a novel, especially one with depth - a re-readable novel - can't be done in six to twelve months. Most authors have day jobs and families. We're not robots.

Some people write quickly, some are slow. Some go through many drafts, and others have it nearly perfect on the first try. We're all different. I believe that is something to be celebrated rather than a pivot for contention.

In other news, the paperback version of Trefury: Mendi's Curse is going through the proof stage and I should be able to announce a giveaway or two very soon.

I hope you all had a great summer and that this autumn will be very productive and rewarding for you.

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