Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trefury: Mendi's Curse Book Birthday Giveaway!

Sept. 30th marks the one year anniversary of the publication of my first book, Trefury: Mendi's Curse. To celebrate, I'll be launching the book in paperback the same day. For the best prices offered on either the hardback or paperback, be sure to click the Trefury tab at the top of this blog or click the cover of the book in the sidebar. It will save you time and money.

Is this story right for you?

Cover art © 2014 by Nicolle R. Murray
An ancient legend is about to be remade.

The land of Callorin is dying, cast off from divine aid and adrift in cold seas, with dark powers swooping in for the kill. As they have for thousands of years, Callorin turns to Thssk to fix the problem, but Thssk wants to avoid everyone. He failed last time, and his human handler put a curse on him as he abandoned her on a battlefield. She would be avenged through the next girl Thssk forced to become his handler.

Thssk is sent on a mission to another world to rescue the long-lost heir of Origiba, in the hope of developing outside support for Callorin. While there, he tries to thwart the curse by taking Cortnee, a tech savvy, arts major as his new handler, it is only when Thssk has gained the upper and over his enemies and everything seems to be working out for a change that he discovers he is not the game changer any moreCortnee is.

On a world where starships are born, homes grow, and flowers can flatten entire cities, millions of lives are at stake. More importantly, Thssk's notorious past comes back to bite him. The girl who has become a catalyst politically and astralgically won't communicate with him, and she has some crazy ideas about how to get their job done. With her, Thssk may fail for a second time, without her, he may never attain the great future he was promised.

“Trefury is a mental feast for those who crave science fiction with well-crafted world-building, intriguing characters, and an unusual partnership which defies the odds.” —Angie Sandro, author of the Dark Paradise series.

Recommended age: 15 and up
Genres: science-fantasy, adventure
Profanity: none
Sex: none
Violence: yes, non-graphic
Tags: bio-engineering, alien worlds, magic, weapons, mind manipulation, ghosts, invisibility, cultures, home schooling, geology, war, kidnapping, natural disasters, political struggles

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