Tuesday, November 20, 2018

NaNo Tip: Exposition Help

So we're past the half way point ... go NaNo'ers!! Are you hanging in there?

I've got another tip, if you'd like one.

Focus on internal exposition, no matter what POV your story is supposed to be in. Dive into your character(s)' psyche. Learn what their voice is. Even if it's only for one scene. How does character A see a particular event or place? What ghosts from the past does it bring to light? What emotions? What schemes or desires?

And for further mixing it up, write the same scene from someone else's POV. Or do it from multiple POVs. What this does is add depth to your characters (and words to your word count), which you can later utilize to show even side characters as having a life rather than being dumb extras as stage props for your MC.

Don't worry about whether you'll use this internal exposition later on. Write it. Work on your character development. It doesn't matter how far into your story you are right now or where you're determined to be by the end of the week.

I think one of the most common problems with reaching that 50,000 word goal is thinking you have to finish the story, therefore you have to skip all the good stuff in favor of the action. Action is only one aspect of a story. Exposition helps you (and more importantly your readers) get to know your characters. And at this phase of the writing process you don't need to stress about how much exposition. There is such a thing as too much, which can slow your pacing down. But that is a revision consideration, not a first draft one.

Try it out, you might be surprised how much this helps your word count goal for the week.

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